Judge Denies Texas’ Motion to Dismiss Lawsuit Against Razor Wire Removal

A federal judge has denied Texas’ motion to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the Biden administration’s removal of razor wire from the U.S.-Mexico border. The lawsuit, filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, alleges that the administration’s actions are unconstitutional. The judge ruled that the lawsuit has merit and will allow it to proceed.

Texas House Approves $100 Million for Opioid Epidemic

The Texas House of Representatives has approved $100 million in funding to combat the opioid epidemic. The funding will be used to provide treatment and prevention services, as well as to support law enforcement efforts to combat drug trafficking. The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration.

Lawmakers Scramble to Save Tax Cuts After Misinformation-Led Challenge to 2023 Election

Texas lawmakers are scrambling to save tax cuts and teacher pension increases after a misinformation-led challenge to the 2023 election results in Tarrant County. The challenge, filed by a Republican activist, alleges that there were widespread irregularities in the election. If the challenge is successful, it could overturn the results of the election in Tarrant County, which could swing the balance of the Texas House of Representatives to the Democrats.

Appeals Court Questions New Law on ‘Explicit’ Books

A federal appeals court has questioned the constitutionality of a new Texas law that bans the display of “explicit” books in public libraries. The court heard arguments from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which is challenging the law. The ACLU argues that the law is vague and overbroad, and that it violates the First Amendment.

How One Man’s Open Records Obsession Sparked a Fight Over Transparency and Power in East Texas

A small-town Texas newspaper is suing the local government for failing to release public records. The lawsuit has sparked a fight over transparency and power in the community. The newspaper’s editor, who is also a city councilman, argues that the government is trying to hide information from the public. The city attorney argues that the newspaper’s requests are too broad and burdensome.

Greg Abbott Begins Offensive Against School Voucher Opponents, Endorsing First House Primary Challenger

Gov. Greg Abbott has begun an offensive against opponents of school vouchers, endorsing his first House primary challenger. The challenger is a Republican who is running against a Democrat who supports school vouchers. Abbott has said that school vouchers are necessary to give parents more choices in education.

These are just a few of the latest news stories in Texas about politics. For more information, please visit the websites of The Texas Tribune, CBS Texas, and KXAN Austin.

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